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Get A Job

[4 Jan 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 6 Comments | ]
You’re Fired! Part 5 – Getting to Know You…Online That Is

(This article continues where OERamz’s article “You’re Fired! Part 4 – I Dare Not Go It Alone” left off.)
I was now on my new journey, my next new job.  It brought back memories of that first day at a new school where no one knew you or you them.  Can we call in a “snow day”? (that’s the Northerner in me talking).
Given the state of the market and the number of job losses, the realization was that it no longer is what or who YOU know, but rather who THEY …

Get A Job

[2 Jan 2010 | Written by: Pete Travis | 3 Comments | ]
Real World Networking – Increasing Your “Findability”

Please understand this up front–headhunters are not great sources for a new job. That’s because we get paid to find candidates for our clients, not jobs for candidates. While I frequently can’t be of direct assistance to a job seeker, I still want to help and I feel compelled to provide some advice based on 15 years experience and thousands of conversations with candidates.
Change how you look at networking. You don’t network to get a job. You network to increase your “findability” so that folks looking for someone like you …