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About Us

Hi! This is Jorge Lazaro Diaz, the Career Jockey founder. The name is the one Mom and Dad gave me, but my friends call me George.

I like to refer myself as the “Original Career Jockey,” but you might just see me as Career Jockey’s first writer, managing editor and all around career advisor and coach.

I started Career Jockey in early 2009 as a personal mission. That was to publish the information I had collected as part of my career support work with nonprofit Back on Track Network (BOT). (You can learn more about them at www.backontracknet.org.)

I had collected a ton of great info since my first career crisis in 2004. (You can read more about this under the “My Story” heading below.) As part of my “paying forward effort,” I wanted to get this stuff out of my head and laptop posted somewhere public where it could benefit others.

So what’s Career Jockey’s mission?

To publish job hunt, career discernment and personal/professional development resources for job seekers, working professionals, career launchers and college students.

In a nutshell, I want to help job seekers, working professionals, career launchers and college students grab the reins of their careers and take it where they want it to go.

“Ride your career hard so it doesn’t drive you.”

Where Can I Find What I Need?

Since 2009, Career Jockey has come a long way with:

I put a lot of myself into this thing and that means you’ll find a lot of information showing my commitment to marriage. Those articles can be found under the marriage topic. (The wife and I will celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary in December 2009.) You’ll see my dedication to helping people take care of themselves under my mental health and motivational topics. My favorite topic, the one that’s fueled by my spiritual walk and Catholic, Christian background, can be found under the spirituality topic.

Explore the “Available Topics” section on all Career Jockey pages to learn more about the information I cover.

With the help of some very talented job seekers, I have a good supply of articles covering the struggles many job hunters face. These job seekers share their very real and very personal stories. These articles have ended up being the most popular section on the site. (Visit the Desperately Seeking Bloggers article to join these writers and take this column where it needs to go.)

Finally, you’ll find content from other talented career professionals that have generously allowed me to share their material with the Career Jockey audience.

My Story

Going through a job hunt can be terrible. Let me tell you, I know.  I’m a computer science major that has worked at places like IBM, Compaq Computers (that was before HP bought them), KPMG Consulting. Bank of America and a whole bunch of other places you would recoginize.  (Check out my Linkedin profile if you just have to get the  gory details.)  During the 20 years since I graduated from Purdue’s graduate school program, I was fully employed and my career was moving along very nicely.  I was proud of my accomplishments.

Then I went through my crazy job transition in 2004. It started with a call from a business contact with a job lead that sounded like the perfect next job for me. Several weeks later with a job offer in hand, I resigned and prepared for my next position. This is where it gets interesting. The offer gets rescinded. Yes! It seems they had forgotten to get all the approvals. (Minor oversight, huh?)

It was then that I ran into Felipe Gomez, one of the Back on Track Network co-founders, who invited me to a career support meeting. What a great group of folks? They helped me improve my resume, network and work through the internal struggles that go with losing a job and getting a new one. They provided me with the practical, motivational, and spiritual support I needed.  (Let me tell you.  I needed it badly.)

The job I did end up getting wasn’t as perfect as the first one or so I thought. Then again it was the job that illuminated me to some skills I didn’t really know I had. While working as a project manager over a team of ethical hackers and security specialists (that’s an altogether different story), I found myself mentoring, coaching, and advising not just my direct reports, but our client sponsor. I discovered I had a knack for it.  I saw very clearly how I, this gear head engineer, could use my people skills and creativity to help people in both their professional and personal lives.

Shortly thereafter, I joined Back on Track Network as a volunteer career advisor and coach. I did extensive research and took some formal training through the International Coaching Federation. Later, I accepted a position on their board of directors and  have been involved the organization and in career advising and coaching ever since.

I continue with my day job, but I recently felt a call to reach out to a broader audience. I had accumulated all this information and knowledge through my research, coaching, speaking, and involvement with out of work people.  It seemed like a shame to have it all locked up in my head and in my laptop. That’s how CareerJockey.org was born.

I continue with my story and how to make the best use of Career Jockey in my FREE Job Hunt Basics E-CourseClick here to get the course via email and learn about all the resources we have to offer.

If you are interested, I can also provide you with one-on-one career advisign and coaching.   To do so, please contact me directly by clicking here.