Breakthrough: I Hate My Job, Need a Life, Got Laid Off, Can’t Get No Satisfaction Solution

Written by Career Jockey frequent contributor Jeannette Kraar

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Here’s what the publisher wrote about the book.

With a foreword by internationally acclaimed speaker-trainer Les Brown, Breakthrough Solution is an informative, fun, straightforward book that will arm you with a powerful 7-step strategy for attracting greater professional success and personal satisfaction. It is jam-packed with step-by-step instructions, exercises, assessments, case-studies, quotes, templates, and resources. But you’ll get much more…This book comes with the coach!

Jeannette will host empowering weekly coaching sessions to catapult you to new heights in your life. The information is priceless, the coaching sessions are FREE as part of her commitment to your success.

Breakthrough Solution teaches a unique success formula, so you can learn how to attract the career opportunities you crave without compromising the lifestyle you deserve. The book will show you how to…

  • Gain clarity of purpose and increase confidence Improve performance outside your current comfort zone
  • Learn how to create winning attitudes to stay motivated and positive
  • Hone your resume, bio, networking skills and interviewing abilities so you can take advantage of new opportunities or improve existing ones
  • Have more time to enjoy a balanced lifestyle while achieving greater professional success
  • Create a career that showcases your talents and captures your passion
  • Proactively and intuitively become positioned to meet future needs in the workplace that are driven by industry trends, market conditions and personal objectives
  • Expand the scope of diverse career opportunities that are aligned with your interests, skills, values, needs and desires Get the tools and support you need to find the work you love

If you understand your purpose, believe in your dreams and are achieving your goals, imagine where that will allow you to take your life…

E-Book Version Price: $9.98
Save $4.97 off bookstore price
Delivered immediately via e-mail