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[10 Feb 2010 | Written by: Roger Lopez | One Comment | ]
Why Would I Ever Need a Career Coach?

Do you need a career coach? The answer may surprise you but it all depends on the individual and in most cases the answer is, “Yes.”
This is my personal journey. My name is Roger Lopez a Senior Manufacturing Operations Executive with an extensive and consistent record of improving product quality, customer service levels, profits and organizational efficiency across diverse industries with complex environment.
During the past 20 years I held the following executive positions:

Director of Operations,
General Manager of Operations,
Vice President of Operations and

Thorough out my career I never worried about …

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[9 Feb 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | No Comment | ]
How to Humanize Your Job Search

Question: If you’ve ever been hired without first meeting the employer in person, open your window and scream “Yes!”
Hear anything?
Neither do I.
Until more scientific proof turns up, just agree with me here: You can’t get hired by a computer or over the phone.
Before you can work for people, you have to meet people.
And the more people you meet, the faster you’ll get hired.
Here are three ways to do so, using technology to humanize your job-search efforts …

1) Meet the bloggers
First of all, you need to recognize the value of blogs …

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[8 Feb 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | One Comment | ]
Maybe They’re Just Not That Into You

You did your research and got that interview. You executed your IPOP (see my IPOP article for details) and notes (your outfit was coordinated, your hair, perfect), and your A-game was on (confident). Then, nothing…uh oh.
You go over what you said, what you could have said. Was it the suit? Should you have printed out two resumes instead of one? You call your friends, talk to your family and suddenly it dawns on you “they’re just not that into you” …. But, I thought I …

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[2 Feb 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | 2 Comments | ]

Want to put an end to your job-search worries?
You can.
Or, at the very least, you can channel worries into positive action that moves you closer to employment.
That’s a message I got from the book, “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself,” by Steve Chandler, who writes:
The next time you’re worried about something, ask yourself, “What small thing can I do right now?” Then do it. Remember not to ask, “What could I possibly do to make this whole thing go away?” That question does not get you into action at all.
This idea …

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[2 Feb 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 12 Comments | ]
Face-to-Face with the Hiring Manager

You must pass muster with the pre-screening process to get past the “black hole”. Uploading your application and resume to the company website is not enough. You have to re-invent the job search wheel.
As part of this process, you will be rebuffed and often (sorry!). One such instance occurred when a posting on LinkedIn provided the HR rep’s direct contact info (a fluke?). After submitting my online application and resume, I followed up with a call to the HR contact. Amazingly, I got through to him on the first try. …

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[27 Jan 2010 | Written by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford | One Comment | ]
Is Your Resume Missing These 5 “Must Haves”?

Making sure your resume is a powerful marketing document is a wise investment in your career. It can set you apart from your competition, maximize the amount of interviews you land and ultimately play into how much a company offers you.
After all, you are negotiating with potential employers from the moment you connect with them to the time the offer is made. So everything that happens in that window of time plays into your offer…including how well targeted, well designed and compelling your resume is.
Here are five elements you will …

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[26 Jan 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | 3 Comments | ]
4 Classic Quotes about Your Job Search

What can Leonardo da Vinci and Will Rogers tell you about finding a job?
Plenty, it turns out.
Read on for some new twists on timeless advice that might help you get hired faster …
1. “Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Does this mean sloth-like behavior can make you a productive job hunter?
Not quite.
In fact, much work is done by your subconscious mind while the rest of your brain and body are doing other things, like sleeping, eating an apple, or shampooing …

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[26 Jan 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | One Comment | ]
Let’s Be Fair to HR Types-They’re Not All Bad

Last week we talked about the bane of our job seeking existence, the HR Gatekeepers. I felt compelled, in all fairness, to speak to the good that HR reps do. If there is nothing more important during this difficult process, it is to keep an equal balance, both in perspective and outlook.
We tend, as prospective job seekers, employees and even employers, to view HR reps as all knowing, and yet functionally invisible. Ironically, they are human too. As such, they bring with them a plethora of …

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[21 Jan 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | One Comment | ]

In his 1973 article, “The Strength of Weak Ties,” sociologist Mark Granovetter, after interviewing dozens of people, determined that most jobs were landed through “weak” interpersonal ties — not friends telling friends, but acquaintances telling friends.
In other words, if you’re mostly asking friends to send you job leads, you won’t succeed as fast as asking acquaintances, who then ask their friends to help you.
Counterintuitive, yes, but aiming your networking efforts at people you don’t know well is a faster way of gaining access to new social groups, where new job …

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[19 Jan 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 7 Comments | ]
Dealing with HR Gatekeepers

(Warning: I am going to get on my soapbox, and talk about those to whom we have to sell our wares just so we can get in front of the hiring manager. They are the Human Resource representatives.)
HR are the individuals who have to balance the needs and goals of the firm, help the executives and leadership to achieve their goals from a people perspective, and who create an open-door-like policy with the general population.
I have worked in this area for a number of years. I have valued colleagues …

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[14 Jan 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | One Comment | ]
Two More Guerrilla Job Search Success Stories

Most job seekers you talk to are struggling right now. You can do what they’re doing. But you’ll probably struggle, too.
Or, for different results, you can try something different.
The two “guerrilla” job hunters in this article did. And they’re working now.
What can you learn from their stories?
Approach #1: Do Lots of Little Things Right
Remy Piazza, from Toronto, Ontario, accepted a job offer in November 2009. It was his fifth offer in five months of methodical searching.  If you’d like to average a job offer every 30 days and pick the …

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[12 Jan 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 8 Comments | ]
Job Hunting Using The Bachelor Mentality

Ok, I’m going to admit to something that a few have been sworn to secrecy upon the pain of possible death … I watch The Bachelor … ok, I hear the gasps, I see the eyes rolling and yet, I know you feel my pain. Allow me to explain.  The reason why I watch is scientific.  Really! How can you not relate to the women (and the men, during the seasons of The Bachelorette) as we face the job layoffs and job search? It IS like trying to get the …

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[11 Jan 2010 | Written by: Sandi Abbott | 4 Comments | ]
How To Network In Your Pajamas And Still Look Professional

I don’t like going to networking events. I enjoy them about as much as I like having a root canal. There, I said it. It’s out in the open. And now all three of my blog readers know about it. I just hope none of them are dentists.
The reason I don’t like networking events is because they’re a distraction in the middle of my day. But mostly it’s because I’m an introvert and don’t always feel ready to mix and mingle.
One of the ways I combat this is by making …

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[7 Jan 2010 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | 2 Comments | ]
Top 3 Ways to Find a Job in 2010

As 2009 draws to a close, most job seekers can only say, “Good riddance.”
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job search as of November 2009 took 28.5 weeks — more than 7 months. That’s the longest since record keeping began in 1948.
But there is good news: People are still finding jobs, often faster than average.
How are they doing it?
From what I can see, talking to and counseling hundreds of people in 2009, successful job seekers do three things that can get you hired faster in 2010…
1. …

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[4 Jan 2010 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 6 Comments | ]
You’re Fired! Part 5 – Getting to Know You…Online That Is

(This article continues where OERamz’s article “You’re Fired! Part 4 – I Dare Not Go It Alone” left off.)
I was now on my new journey, my next new job.  It brought back memories of that first day at a new school where no one knew you or you them.  Can we call in a “snow day”? (that’s the Northerner in me talking).
Given the state of the market and the number of job losses, the realization was that it no longer is what or who YOU know, but rather who THEY …

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[2 Jan 2010 | Written by: Pete Travis | 3 Comments | ]
Real World Networking – Increasing Your “Findability”

Please understand this up front–headhunters are not great sources for a new job. That’s because we get paid to find candidates for our clients, not jobs for candidates. While I frequently can’t be of direct assistance to a job seeker, I still want to help and I feel compelled to provide some advice based on 15 years experience and thousands of conversations with candidates.
Change how you look at networking. You don’t network to get a job. You network to increase your “findability” so that folks looking for someone like you …

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[17 Dec 2009 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | One Comment | ]

I got a considerable amount of feedback on last week’s article, which exhorted job seekers to ask the following question every time they learn of someone who got hired: How can I adapt what they did to my situation?
The example I used was this: If a sales rep got hired after bringing sales leads to a job interview, what could you bring to an interview to convince employers to hire you?
One reader, Mitch in Minneapolis, took me to task, writing:
“Could you have picked a better example than sales? What could …

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[16 Dec 2009 | Written by: Ken Gilbert | 2 Comments | ]
Job Seekers: Learn to Enjoy the Time Off

(Editor’s Note: Ken and I ran into each other recently and he told me this story. I asked if he would write it up and I’m really glad he did. Enjoy!)
Getting laid off is never an easy thing. I have been working since I was 15 years old, working is what I do. The last time I was out of work was the last construction down cycle in 1977 and that was for two weeks. I remember how hard that was then and it …

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[15 Dec 2009 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 4 Comments | ]
Giving Thanks to All Who Support Me in All My Ventures

The lines Hugh Grant, as Prime Minister in the movie Love Actually, says when his sister (Emma Thompson) calls him while he’s working – “I can’t talk, I am a very important person, doing very important things”, to which she responds, “no you are not” as only a sister could, and proceed to briefly chat, reverberates with me.
During this job search phase, networking was instrumental. I reached out to very important people, and although they were doing very important things, like Hugh, they took the time to speak with me, …

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[9 Dec 2009 | Written by: Kevin Donlin | One Comment | ]
Two Costly Job-Search Misconceptions and How to Avoid Them


If you’ve been struggling to find work this year, you’ve got company.

While the pace of job losses slowed last month, with payrolls declining by 11,000 positions in November 2009, the length of the average job search actually surged, to 28.5 weeks of average unemployment — the worst in more than 10 years.

So, times continue to be tough.

And times may stay tough, if you’re laboring under two of the most common and costly misconceptions that plague most job seekers.

What are they?

Misconception #1: “Sure, that got them hired, but I’m different. What …