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Fender Bender Clear Sign I Need to Slow Down

26 April 2009 Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz 13 Comments
Fender Bender Clear Sign I Need to Slow Down

I collect quotations. And the one I’ve needed recently is:

You are in one of two places. You are either in the current moment or you are nowhere since the past and the future do not exist. Baron Baptiste

Baptiste is the author of a yoga book called “Journey into Power.” In his yoga lessons, he sprinkles tidbits of wisdom like the one above. Many of them encourage you to appreciate the moment and to live in it. (The book Silence on Fire, which I review in another article expands on this idea. I will be reviewing Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now and A New Earth which also cover this topic well.)

In the past several weeks, I over committed myself. I exercised inconsistently and made little time management adjustments even though my wife returned to work after six-months on leave. If I apply Baptiste’s quote, I have to admit I’ve been nowhere. I have allowed my mind to crazily race about. It mentally reviews my to do list over and over again. It repeatedly runs through tomorrow’s schedule of meetings. I’m either planning, planning, planning or worrying, worrying, worrying. It never rests. And I’ve been feeling this knot in my stomach more often than I like.

This week while rushing off to a funeral, over focused on mobile phone conversation with someone needing job hunt advice, I whipped out of my driveway without looking back. I ended up rearranged the front passenger side fender of what used to be a really nice Mercedes Benz. No one was hurt and both cars were able to drive away on their own. But my distracted, high-speed, out-of-control mode led to an unnecessary accident. Enough!

It’s funny how for the last several days, maybe even weeks, I’ve been telling myself to slow down. I’ve been over worrying about things I cannot really change. My head’s been traveling everywhere when it could have been right here with me. And I have likely been missing out on being present, and I mean really present, to my wife, kids, and friends standing right next to me. So effectively, I’ve been nowhere.

I like to compare this crazy mode with working out too much. When I train marathon runners, I stress the importance rest days. Skipping them is unacceptable. It is on those days that the body recovers from the stress of workouts. On those days the muscles grow and strengthen.

When I’ve been on my maddening no mental rest mode, my mind and everything else never rests. Life passes me by and even thought I get a lot done, it seems joy-less. And worse yet, I don’t get the benefits I’ve seen myself get from rested thinking. That’s when creative ideas pop into my head. I’ll be taking a relaxing walk and out of nowhere, the answer to a problem appears. I have confirmed it over and over again, yet I will go back to my crazy mode unless I work against that tendency.

So starting this week, I’m returning to:

  • Praying a daily novena and rosary. I talked about that in an article I wrote a while back. Daily prayer, spiritual reading, or quiet meditation counteracts my chaotic thinking.
  • Exercising three to four days a week. I find that exercise like nothing else reduces my stress levels.
  • Practicing yoga for physical and spiritual fitness. That so frequently leads me to increased mental and spiritual awareness.
  • Carefully, not obsessively, reviewing my to do list to make sure it isn’t so full.

I hope you do so as well.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Jorge Lazaro Diaz is the "Original" Career Jockey who started this blog and now serves as the Managing Editor. You'll find he enjoys focusing on professional and personal development articles and frequently covers motivational and spiritual topics.

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  • Mario Sanchez Carrion said:


    Yes, sometimes we try to do too many things. Sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours…

    In my case, I’m leaving the laptop at work a couple of days a week so that way I have no excuses to focus on family, reading, or (for a change) going to bed early.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • diana garcia said:

    the best way to enjoy life is to enjoy yourself. good for you. it seems this book has helped you.

  • Caitlin Ebener said:

    I can relate in more ways than one to this article. I feel like I am just running around all day and not thinking about what I am doing, just doing it. After a week or so of this my body is so run down that I cannot move sometimes. It is very stressful. But now after reading this article I see what I need to do: I need to be in the current moment.

  • Joanna said:

    I really enjoyed this “Fender Bender” post. I find, in my own life, times where my mind is, just like the quote you feature, nowhere. What a horrible feeling. You give some very good pointers on ways to fight off this cycle of too much worrying, too much being some place else instead of right here. Meditation and Yoga are two very powerful tools for remaining peaceful and present.

  • Jonathan Bermudez said:

    The article of “Fender Bender Clear Sign I need to slow down” makes a lot of sense in the fact that we need to relax. We can’t take life so quickly all the time. We need to slow down and relax, take life a breath at a time. Too much acceleration leads to mistakes and worse. Life is like a fine wine that needs to smelled and tasted slowly and carefully.

  • Christopher Galvez said:

    Really I know you’re pain because that is me every day. The best thing is to slow down and do them nice and at your own pace that is what my family tells me. It must be stressful doing all of that and it is for me. You are burning calories for all of the rushing you do. Also be happy about life.

  • Jenel said:

    I think that’s life’s little jokes that we just need to look at and laugh

  • Terrence Seamon said:

    Good post! I too have been thinking about going slow recently. I plan to blog about it soon.

  • Jorge Lazaro Diaz
    Jorge Lazaro Diaz (author) said:


    I wrote this back in the spring. Your comment prompted me to read through the article again and realize, “You never can be too centered, focused and wary of getting way to busy.

    I’d really like to hear what you have to write about this topic. This might be something I can reference on CareerJockey.org so other can have it as a resource.

    Hope this helps.

  • uberVU - social comments said:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by CareerJockey: Experience show that you gotta slow down in order to go fast http://ow.ly/CHAJ

  • moti said:

    Great post.

  • Jorge Lazaro Diaz (author) said:

    Good to hear from you. I haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks for the feedback.


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