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Job Loss Sucks!No one’s arguing that one, but with my review of the Job Hunt Basics, you’ll be able to:

  • clear your head,
  • put together a job search plan that works and
  • set out with razor sharp focus.

Let me help you get yourself moving.

Don’t think of it as basic like really, really, really simple. Think of it as basic like military basic training that gives new recruits what they need to be effective in battle.

Think about it. How long has it been since you’ve written a resume? When was the last time you were looking for work? Hopefully, it’s been a while. So think of yourself as an out of shape or uninformed job hunter.

The basics you’ll get through this course are NOT an encyclopedia filed with information. It’s the essential information you need for taking action and getting back to work fast.

I’ll bring you up to speed on the job hunt basics that work today and help you put them to use in your job search.

Here are the titles for the course lessons you’ll receive via e-mail over the next five days:

  • Lesson 1: Job Loss Sucks and You’ll Do Just Fine
  • Lesson 2: The Worst Ways to Find Work and the Best Ways
  • Lesson 3: Do NOT Go at It Alone.  Get the Help You Need.
  • Lesson 4: Finding the Hiring Manager That’s Dying to Meet You
  • Lesson 5: Resources for Snatching the Right Job for You

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