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Giving Thanks to All Who Support Me in All My Ventures

15 December 2009 Written by: Orietta Ramirez 4 Comments
Giving Thanks to All Who Support Me in All My Ventures

The lines Hugh Grant, as Prime Minister in the movie Love Actually, says when his sister (Emma Thompson) calls him while he’s working – “I can’t talk, I am a very important person, doing very important things”, to which she responds, “no you are not” as only a sister could, and proceed to briefly chat, reverberates with me.

During this job search phase, networking was instrumental. I reached out to very important people, and although they were doing very important things, like Hugh, they took the time to speak with me, both on a personal as well as professional level, as they were intertwined. So, if you will permit me a slight hiccup in this writing series, I wish to speak personally of and to those who made my journey theirs.

I begin with our family priest, Fr. Francis J. Tierney, a gentle and loving soul who took my family into his fold when I was only 3. I remember falling asleep in his arms when he came to dinner, playing underneath his desk when he was holding fort at the church office, and all those years thereafter until he departed from our physical lives in 2005. I say that because, in faith and love, I still believe and know he stands by my side nudging, cajoling and delicately reprimanding me when necessary. His “Orrrriiieettta” still resonates ever so often and gives me the courage to move forward.

I recently had the joy of spending a traditional holiday lunch with two of my former bosses, with whom I worked for almost a decade, and although we continued on our separate professional paths, have maintained contact. In that short meeting, like they’d done before, brainstormed with me, and as mentors and surrogate dads, imparted their perspective as to what I can and will do going forward.

Like Art and Ken, the mentors I have found along my career, there are the Jims’, Louise’s, Fred’s Joao’s, Mike’s and Kate’s, Peter’s, Alberto’s and Allen’s, Cindy’s, Eric’s, Rajesh’s and Betsi’s in this world I call work. To the teachers, Slattery, Quaranta, Glickman, D’Angelo, Karody. Ragusa, Ferrandiz, O’Toole, O’Brien, Fores, to name a few of the many, who imprinted their knowledge, experience and dreams upon me as well.

To the peers, colleagues and especially the friends (not enough space to name you all but you know who you are because you are on my permanent email list!), who have taken the time to send a note, an email, made a call and left a message to say, hi, how are you? A simple yet thoughtful query. You have permitted me to laugh, cry, and express fear as well as optimism.

And those I have recently met through my present job search. Antonio, Dan, Ron, Don, Alex, Beth, Jackie, Susan, Pat, Rebecca, Peter, the list goes on. New mentors and colleagues who have generously given of their time and experience to someone they barely knew. Their empathy and desire to assist and share is a testament to the fact that if you ask, there are those who will impart. Your willingness to pay it forward is priceless.

Finally, and most importantly, to my loved ones I call family. Their unconditional love, support and belief in me has given me the fortitude to face this challenge and continue to forge ahead even when I think I cannot. Thankfully, they do not allow for pity parties, only celebrations.

During this difficult and ever-changing year, I was granted an amazing blessing, the reminder that I was (am) not alone. So in the holiday spirit I take this opportunity to acknowledge and give thanks. This is my personal note of appreciation to all of you who have stood by me, supported, fortified, motivated and continue to inspire and teach me. And in the words of Tom Cruise, You Complete Me. Thank you!

I gift you this holiday song from my friends, talented brothers, and wish you all a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

I invite you to share your thoughts and notes of thanks, appreciation and recognition to/of others here beside me.

Hope you return to read the next chapter in the “You’re Fired!” series which will be published soon. Special note of thanks to Jorge, the Career Jockey editor who has permitted me this venue.

Muchísimas Gracias.

Orietta Ramirez is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, raised in The Bronx, and presently calls home in Dutchess County, New York. Pedagogically, her claim to fame, as she puts it, is that she shares Cardinal Spellman H.S. as her alma mater with the distinguished Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Fordham University with Vince Lombardi and Steve Bellán, first Latin American to play Major League Baseball, and with Geraldo Rivera, another Brooklyn Law School alum. A first generation Chilean-American, she is a dynamic bilingual lawyer, employee relations advocate and project manager, with experience in human capital administration, audit and risk management. While leveraging her legal and compliance background as an HR partner, she incorporates her expertise on projects and in business relationships with a focus on diversity and inclusion as well as talent management. She is an avid reader and includes salsa dancing among her extracurricular activities, and is always open to all that is intriguing and challenging, which offers new opportunities for thought.

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  • Jessica said:

    What a wonderful, heartfelt piece – well written and honest. There’s not many people, it seems, that would take the time to write somthing so emotionally candid.
    Kudos to you for taking a chance and doing it well!


  • Ruth Fernandez said:

    You can never be alone because God will stick by you whether you like it or not!! True friends have no choice but to stick by you because they care.

    Putting your arm around a friend’s shoulders, electronically or in person, reminds the supporter, and the supported, of God’s love, strength, and mercy. Besides, God has plans for you chica!!

  • Israel Garcia said:

    What a beautiful post!

    I do like it!

    Undoubtedly, you’ll possess the ability to creat a warmth atmosphere when you write.

  • Rebecca Aguilar said:


    We are blessed to have you in our lives. You’ve inspired me and all the women at Wise Latinas Linked. Thanks for taking the time to share your compassion, knowledge and most of all your friendship.

    A big hug and Merry Christmas from Dallas, TX


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