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How To Manage your Cash Flow

5 November 2009 Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz No Comment

Title: How To Manage your Cash Flow
Location: SBA-Small Business Administration, 7th Floor 100 South Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33131
Link out: Click here
Description: A 4 hour Workshop – NEW! Every smart business owner knows that Cash Flow is critical to their success! Running out of cash is the main reason for business failure!

Do you depend upon others to keep an eye on cash flow? Do you know that managing cash flow is not that difficult? You can plan and control cash flow using a computer spreadsheet, a simple budgeting program or with a good old pencil and paper. What’s important is that managing Cash Flow becomes a regular part of your day! Here’s where you learn how to manage your Cash Flow in practical small business language. Work out the details during the workshop’s Q&A session.
Start Time: 08:30
Date: 2009-11-14
End Time: 12:30

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