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How To Become A Job-Offer Magnet

20 August 2009 Written by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford 8 Comments

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a career coach we’ve listed in the “Blog I Like” section and has provided this article as our first guest blogger. Enjoy!!

Do you think selling yourself in a job interview is “selling out?” I hear this from clients from time to time. They tell me: “I hate the idea of marketing or selling myself to prospective clients. I am just myself. I shouldn’t have to ‘sell myself’ to get a job!”

I think the problem is that our definition of selling conjures up feelings of going against our authentic selves. After all, if someone doesn’t like us for who we are, then the job probably isn’t right for us anyway, right?


Let me offer another perspective on what selling yourself to a potential employer is: when you are able to communicate your strengths in a way that compels others, you are doing yourself and them a great favor. After all, you can’t help a company that doesn’t hire you.

To boost your know-like-and-trust factor in your job interviews it’s vital you know how to encourage potential employers to hire you… in a way that’s ethical, full of integrity and authentically you. What this means for you is that the more you learn and understand how to truly ‘sell’ yourself, you will attract the interest of more employers, receive bigger and better job offers, and feel confident in the way you’re communicating the multiple ways you can help potential employers get the results they want…and that only you can deliver. So everyone gets what they want and desire.

Here are three tips use can use in your very next job interview:

Tip #1: Ask what the potential employer is looking for in a star candidate at the beginning of the interview.

As you casually jot down what they share with you pay attention to those key words and phrases that match what you love to do the most. Lets say for example you are a marketing manager who is an expert at product launches and they mention they just had a problem with their latest product launch and are looking for help there. Circle that challenge! You have just been given a BIG gift by your interviewer!

Tip #2: Dig by asking more questions about their challenge

With the gift you have just been given, you want to ask more questions about their product launch challenge such as:

  • Why do they think they were not successful with their product launch?
  •  Who has tried so far to fix the problem?
  •  What would it mean to them if the problem was fixed?

Tip #3: Seed the interview by frequently mentioning your value in terms of your product launch expertise.

If you are a marketing expert, you will frequently share the results of your marketing efforts throughout the interview. Plus, you can mention plenty of  before and after stories. And the best ones clearly paint a before and after picture (and the worse the better – so don’t hold back). Think of all the problems, challenges and dire situations with past product launches in past companies you have taken on and how great things are now that you have helped them.

BONUS TIP: Make THEM an offer they can’t resist

The point is to create an “offer” that’s so irresistible, your interviewers think, “We have to hire this person!”

To do this, you need to offer something they believe they can’t get anywhere else. Be creative!

Following product launch example I have used, you could offer to fix the problem within a certain time. Or, as part of your interview, come in for a couple hours and evaluate the product launch in more detail. Then you could offer some solutions (don’t give too much away when you do this though – they have to hire you for that!). 

Here are a couple more examples:

One of my clients quickly received a robust offer because HE offered to produce at least two potential solutions to a challenge the company was facing and he said he would do it in 60 days.

Another client of mine set up as part of her interview process a 1/2 day on-site observation of the potential employer’s media company. She then presented an outline of 10 ideas to improve their work environment and boost their ratings. They offered her a whopping 100k over what she had been making previously. All this even after she was let go from that previous position. I love it.

You will benefit from shifting the way you look at selling, if it’s from a vantage point of thinking you must be disingenuous, or that to “win” someone else must loose.

When you unburden yourself from these limiting beliefs, you will instantaneously feel more free to communicate to your interviewers how you can authentically help them, and by doing so, you will be removing  the obstacles (including money, time and your competition) that might otherwise stand between you and the job offer(s) you want.

Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily get more interviews, shorten your job search and increase your salary? Check out my website: http://www.maryelizabethbradford.com, for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar “5 Simple Steps To Find, Focus On and WIN Your Dream Job – Starting Today!” Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Job-Search Coach and Internationally Certified Master Career Director Mary Elizabeth Bradford is “The Career Artisan.”

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a frequent contributor and author of the Career Jockey recommended "Secrets of the Unadvertised Job Market...Revealed." Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily get more interviews, shorten your job search and increase your salary? Check out my website www.maryelizabethbradford.com for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar “5 Simple Steps To Find, Focus On and WIN Your Dream Job – Starting Today!” Job-Search Coach, Internationally Certified Master Career Director and Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer Mary Elizabeth Bradford is “The Career Artisan.”

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  • Dealing with Job Rejection | Work-related issues said:

    […] SITES’ POSTS Job Offer Magnet – Tips on how to make yourself a job magnet Dream Job – Tips on how to get your dream […]

  • Rica | How to Make a Resume said:

    I think the best way to attract yourself is to create a CV as per the company needs…. This obviously enhances your chance of getting shortlisted.

  • Jorge Lázaro Díaz
    Jorge Lázaro Díaz said:

    Resume’s are critical for getting a call back and the treasured interview, but it takes a back seat once you’re in the interview where you should be learning about the company and working to “close the deal.”

    Having a customized CV for each company is also a lot of work and I’m not sure the best investment of your time. Take a look at a Career Jockey’s Pocket Resume Mentality article for my take on the mentality that should drive your job hunt. Then write a resume supporting that approach.

    Hope this helps.

  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford said:

    Good point!

    This post was dedicated to what you need to do once to land a great interview, but my motto is always that a 3-part job search plan is vital to your success.

    Part 1 – a great resume and cover letter
    Part 2 – a defined target market and understanding of what markets are growing and where
    Part 3 – the right mix of non traditional self marketing strategies

    I hope this helps!

  • Jen | Banking Jobs said:

    Great Article. I guess a CV being the first point of contact needs to express all the required skills for the opportunity.

  • Jane | Dubai Jobs said:

    I think a well organized CV and a cover letter as per company requirements will obviously provides help to get a desire job….

  • Rica | How to Make a Resume said:

    I Think a professionally written CV is the best mean to attract employers. CV makes the first approach towards successful employment.All a job seeker can do is to elborate the CV pointwise during interview. This will definitely serve as a magnet.

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