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[4 Aug 2010 | Written by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford | No Comment | ]
How to Get and Stay Motivated to Accomplish Your Job Search Goals

Let’s face it—sometimes a job search can be a tiring and depressing process!
It’s one of the most challenging things we do as professionals, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in your career through gaining knowledge about how to do a “job search right”.
So, what is “right”? Well it’s a job search that does the following things:

Has a crystal clear plan (so you always know where you are going—which helps you to know what opportunities to take full advantage of and which ones to let go).
Gets you multiple …

Change Careers

[29 Jul 2010 | Written by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford | No Comment | ]
Changing Industries? 4 Steps to Move Your Career in a New Direction

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about changing industries? After all, with long workweeks, job-performance demands and trying to have a personal life too it’s a wonder any professionals find the time to strategically reposition themselves for a more fulfilling opportunity.
However I have coached many professionals who have successfully done just that! And I know firsthand what works and how you can easily begin to point yourself in a different direction that brings about the positive change you have been dreaming of. Here are four steps you can take …

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[2 Jun 2010 | Written by: Mary Elizabeth Bradford | One Comment | ]
How to Pick a Resume Writer and/or Job Search Coach Who is Perfect for You

I love my assistant. She is incredibly sweet, supportive, intelligent, organized and experienced in all the technical areas that I know nothing about. I enjoy talking with her, reading her emails, I trust her and just working with her in general is an enjoyable experience.
This was one of my goals when I first knew I needed to hire an assistant – I wanted our working relationship to be easy, fun and productive. Being a sensitive person, I knew myself well enough to know that any other type of relationship in …

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[10 Feb 2010 | Written by: Roger Lopez | One Comment | ]
Why Would I Ever Need a Career Coach?

Do you need a career coach? The answer may surprise you but it all depends on the individual and in most cases the answer is, “Yes.”
This is my personal journey. My name is Roger Lopez a Senior Manufacturing Operations Executive with an extensive and consistent record of improving product quality, customer service levels, profits and organizational efficiency across diverse industries with complex environment.
During the past 20 years I held the following executive positions:

Director of Operations,
General Manager of Operations,
Vice President of Operations and

Thorough out my career I never worried about …

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[7 Dec 2009 | Written by: Orietta Ramirez | 5 Comments | ]
You're Fired! Part 4 – I Dare Not Go It Alone

(This article continues where OERamz’s third article “You’re Fired! Part 3 – What’s All This Web 2 Point Oh My God?” left off.)
I recently read someone’s touching reflection of an influential person in his life – his Boy Scout leader. He shared how this man had played an important role in his life, how he had learned from this coach to be the man, father, employer and all around person he had become… a testament to those who have guided us and served as incredible role models. This chapter …

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[29 Oct 2009 | Written by: Cate Valentine | No Comment | ]
Career Coaching: An Idea That’s Helping Both Job Seekers and Those They Left Behind

People are losing their jobs. This is not news. We know the reasons and they continue to be recounted to us each day in the media.  A constant stream of negative information. The continuing financial crisis causes many of us to feel helpless, hopeless or worthless.
Being part of an organisation that is struggling to stay afloat is not a happy experience. Not for any of its people. As the ship lightens its load, jobs disappear. Lucky employees are offered lifeboats in the form of generous payouts and outplacement services.  For …

Become A Better Person

[27 Aug 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | No Comment | ]


I started using Facebook recently. Interestingly enough, it was my 13 year old daughter that was my top advisor. She had been using Facebook for a while and knew the ins and out of it very well.

Sylivia Ann Hewlett published a reverse mentoring article earlier this summer in a Harvard Business Review blog recommending us older folks get ourselves a mentor. She touts what Time Warner did by formalizing a reverse mentoring program where Gen Y kids (the 70 million-strong demographic born between 1979 and 1994) are …

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[14 May 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | No Comment | ]

I surf around a lot looking for content that’s valuable for job seekers and people wanting to stay at the top of their game – career game that is. I’ve been following career coach Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s blog (find it at this link) for a while and I decided to sit in on one of her webinars. It was called “Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques That WORK.”
The information she presented was all relevant to job seekers and presented well. She runs a “Mastermind Career Coach” program where …

CJ News

[28 Apr 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | No Comment | ]

I ran into Meg Monfort’s “Career Chaos” blog and believe she provides some good practical advice. This past month she posted a blog entry describing her four favorite job search books. They are:

The Job Loss Recovery Guide: A Proven Program for Getting Back to Work — Fast!- by Lynn Joseph, Ph.D.

Knock ‘em Dead Resumes and the rest of the series – by Martin Yate
Winning Interviews for $100,000+ Jobs – by Wendy Enelow
Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute – by Jack Chapman

She also made a …

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[23 Apr 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | No Comment | ]

I added an entry to my “Recommended Blogs” section today for a lady who calls herself Coach Colette. She Twitters as Coach_Colette. I listened to her podcast (see link) and wanted to share it with you right away. This one is about promoting yourself without bragging. She has a good way about her and her information is solid.
I haven’t listened to it, but she’s already posted her next one.