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Become A Better Person

[14 Feb 2010 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | 5 Comments | ]
40 Days for Becoming a Better Person

If you read my Love Dare article from a year back you’ll see how I dedicated 40 days last Spring to improving my marriage. It’s not that it was on the rocks and in bad need of repair. I just wanted to take a good thing and make it better.
In my Novena article I talk about a 9 day practice I followed to help get me re-focused and balanced. There are times when I get way out of whack and I need something like this to bring …

Become A Better Person

[26 Apr 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | 13 Comments | ]
Fender Bender Clear Sign I Need to Slow Down

I collect quotations. And the one I’ve needed recently is:
You are in one of two places. You are either in the current moment or you are nowhere since the past and the future do not exist. Baron Baptiste
Baptiste is the author of a yoga book called “Journey into Power.” In his yoga lessons, he sprinkles tidbits of wisdom like the one above. Many of them encourage you to appreciate the moment and to live in it. (The book Silence on Fire, which I review in another article …

Become A Better Person

[10 Apr 2009 | Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz | 3 Comments | ]


You might wonder to yourself, “Why is this guy blogging about yoga on a career information site.” Well I attribute much of my inner strength and creativity at work to my efforts to stay fit.

Years ago a friend from work who knew I trained for marathons (Yes, I’m one of those nuts who runs alot), asked if I had considered yoga. I was very polite in my response, but inside I was thinking, “What’s all that navel gazing got to do with running? If I need to …