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What’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Have to Do With Anything?

31 January 2010 Written by: Jorge Lazaro Diaz 3 Comments
What’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Have to Do With Anything?

The one thing job hunters have that the working population doesn’t have is time.  I remember how much of it I had when I was job hunting and how much I wasted waiting for emails that I only wished would come right away.  (You can learn about my job search in the Career Jockey About page.)

Here’s a suggestion you might consider to resolve this. I’m an avid reader. I enjoy reading and wish I had more time for it.  In order to squeeze in more reading time, I’ve gone to downloading books to my IPOD.  Then I listen to the books during my commute to and from work. It has one definite upside. It keeps me from texting with my Blackberry. (You can download books like I do using Audible.com.  You just click here for a 14-day FREE trial that comes with a free book whether you stay with the service or not.) Reading relaxes me. It pulls me away from my crack-Berry addiction and my intensely obsessive work traits. This gets my creative juices flowing better.

Just this evening, I finished reading (or listening to be more accurate) “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  What an intense thriller.  What does this have to do with job hunting?  Nothing really, but it really pulled me out of my head and got me enjoying something completely unrelated to work. (And if you’re job hunting, away from that struggle.) It should be allowed as a tax write off for me since without it I wouldn’t be nearly as creative.

Let me tell you about this book. It starts off with Mikael Blomkvist’s libel conviction.  He’s humiliated because he allowed himself to be duped by the big time CEO he was investigating.  His career is ruined. He faces time in jail and the financial magazine he’s built up all these years in in bad financial shape.

This leads to his getting hired by a elderly Swedish businessman wanting to research the mysterious disappearance of his niece Harriet – a mystery that’s remained unsolved for four decades.  In the middle of this we find Lisbeth Salander, the tattooed girl that gives the book its title. She’s an investigation genius with some major hacking savvy who carries with her some totally inept social skills. She ends up partnered up with Blomkvist to solve the mystery.

Audio Books at Audible.comRarely have I been so impressed with a writer’s creativity. Stieg Larsson creates some really interested, believable and sometime bizarre characters and weaves together these complicated plots and subplots to keep you thinking at every page turn. (I’m on my IPOD so no pages to turn, but you get the idea.)

Just when you think you’ve figured it out, Larsson throws you another twist, then another, keeping me completely enthralled until I got to the end. It includes murder, rape, blatant fraud, some horribly dysfunctional and sick family members mixed in with the surprising antics of the tattooed girl. Together they deliver some greatly appreciated suspense.

The book is a translation of part one of a three part Swedish trilogy.  A good friend of mine recommended it and I worried with what might be lost in translation.  Well except that I don’t know much about Swedish geography and all the consonant filled Swedish names, it was completely fulfilling.

I’ve already downloaded part 2 of the trilogy, “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and if it’s nearly as good as the first one, I’ll be downloading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest in May when the English translation is released.

This advice isn’t the stuff you typically get from me, but I really loved the book. Sure you need to work hard and get a job, but don’t underestimate the importance of rest in one form or another for keeping your mind sharp. You need to stay at your creative best always and that includes when you’re looking for work.

Hope it helps.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Jorge Lazaro Diaz is the "Original" Career Jockey who started this blog and now serves as the Managing Editor. You'll find he enjoys focusing on professional and personal development articles and frequently covers motivational and spiritual topics.

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  • Karen said:

    And for those who are unemployed and therefore watching the budget, many public libraries have extensive audio books collections that you can borrow for free! Then download to Ipod or listen on car CD.

  • Orietta said:

    It is like what someone just emailed me when I was whining about having another interview re-scheduled …. keep it all in perspective, there are worse things to be worrying about ….

    Reading is not only educational, it inspires creative dreaming, a nice balance to our hectic lives.

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