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When Is It Time to Change Careers

13 August 2011 Written by: Elias Cortez One Comment
When Is It Time to Change Careers

Career shifting is very rampant in today’s work environment. Recent studies point out that the average employees change careers due to many reasons. However, if you’re planning to change your career, you must determine the pros and cons before jumping out of your current boat.

One of the essential things to consider is to know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you poor at?

Knowing your innate skills and talents would be a great factor in determining which career field you’ll go into. Never waste your time, money, and effort on something that you think it will not benefit you in the future, and on something which you are not shaped for. Focus and develop on what God has given you.

For an instance, you find no enthusiasm working as a chef, because your eagerness is way too far from culinary. You know in yourself that you would prosper more if you shift to a writing career. Why is that so? Because it’s your passion, it’s your talent. You find pleasure in writing.

We cannot blame college students who graduated in a wrong course. There are only three reasons why they opted for the wrong career path.

  • First, their domineering parents forced them.
  • Second, peer pressure (I’d-go-wherever-you-go attitude).
  • Third, they were confused which career path to take.

But how do you know when to change jobs?

People do change job because they are apparently not happy in their workplace. Could it be a relational, working environment, compensation, or a character issues?

If a person fails to plan, he/she plans to fail. It is also crucial to contemplate and determine what your short and long term goals are. For an instance, if your long term goal is to acquire your own house and lot, a car, a wonderful vacation, then, settle for a secure high-paying job, or you can consider setting up a small business. Take your goals with you when making a job-changing decision.

Be thoughtful and careful who you are going to talk to, because some people can only give a lot of confusion and emotional opinion. They might sway you from your firm stand. Seeking advice from your family and trusted friends is a good idea. There are times that you feel baffled and afraid of what you’re pursuing in your life, then, you need wisdom in order for you to grow and keep going.

Another helpful suggestion is that you make a pro and con list or a cost-benefit analysis. This technique is very methodical for it allows you to look at the possible options visually. Listing down these things is a great way to gain some perspectives.

Have you foreseen the external factors? There are factors that might keep you derailed from your established decisions and commitments. For an instance, if you choose a night-shift job, do you think you can still enjoy your kids and have quality time with them? Or let’s say, you’re in the job you desire, but you still have to ponder and weigh it on both sides.

  • Does it down size your abilities and milestones?
  • Does it provide you a fair compensation?
  • Does it give you an assurance of a stable job?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.  I’ve really like to hear from you.


Elias Cortez is freelancer writer that specializes in writing in the education field for students looking to pursue a career graphic design. Read his latest articles at Graphic design career information.

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  • Helping You Hire said:

    As a provider of staffing solutions and services, I regularly come across candidates who are looking for a career change. Each person’s reason for a change differs from person to person, so it is important to make a career change for yourself/make sure it is the right thing for you.

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